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How to Get Your Prospects to Know, Like, and Trust You

The sales conversion of a prospect to a client requires several interactions and building relationship of trust. When a prospect first meets you, the service provider that can solve their problem, they probably have questions and some scepticism.

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How to Get Your Prospects to Know, Like, and Trust You

Acquiring and keeping customers’ profitably is really the only way to make a small or home based business profitable. That means you have to give something of value to your customers and prospects. Otherwise, you simply won’t have any business.

Of course, people will only do business with other people they know, like and trust – your prospects need to know that you exist; they should like you enough to reach out to you for their work and more importantly gaining their trust. Building trust is extremely important. As a business owner, your main concern is how you help people develop trust in your product or service even if you have no relationship.

You need to show them what your company is all about, who you are and give them a brief look into your background. If you have a professional background with good credentials, let them know of your accomplishments.

If you want to know how you can get your prospects to know, like and trust you, you should read this interesting article from Huffington Post:

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