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Sole Trader

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Are you planning to start your new business on your own but you do not have in-debt knowledge about running a business? Perhaps, you need to start a sole proprietorship form of business as it is the simplest form of company which is used to describe a person working for the owner’s interest without having been any formal procedure to be incorporated as limited or unlimited company.

Secondly, sole proprietorship can be set up easily and commenced immediately – no formal procedure is required to start the operation, which can often commence instantly. You also have the full control which means you can decide the way in which the business can be conducted. You also have the authority to restructure and dissolve the company whenever it suits.

However, sole proprietorship contains greater and personal risk rather than a limited liability company. As a sole trader the owner of the company is responsible for all the aspect of the business. For a sole trade company it is not so easy to attract outside investors or partners which holds back the growth of the business.

One of the biggest advantages of setting up a sole trader is that it can be changed easily. A sole trader business can be converted to limited company easily.

Read this article from Vitoria government’s business website to learn more about sole proprietorship:

This is one of the best examples of small business content marketing you’ll see anywhere in the world

Content marketing for small businesses is an affordable way to market your product or service even without big budget. It also enables small organisations to compete against larger names in terms of reaching out to their existing and potential clients.

However, content is complex that you may compare it into a minefield. The reason being is that there is a lot of different terminology used; a host of things that can be included and it ultimately leaves the average entrepreneur and small business owner asking about the secrets of content marketing success for small businesses.

Most entrepreneurs who are already using content to market their brand believe that they still need some improvements. Remember that we are living in an information society where people are first and foremost looking for information around a service or product they are looking to purchase to help them make an informed decision. It also illustrates that we are aware of this and know that information marketing, small business content marketing and the like is an important aspect of our business to implement well.

Hence, we should realise that content marketing is more than just blogging. This can constitute a part of it but as a standalone activity it is (simply) blogging, or writing. Content marketing is broader and is made up of a series of components.

Check out this blog post to see an example of one of the best small business content marketing:

How geo-location is creating marketing opportunities in the air and on the ground

The term ‘mobile marketing’ is one of the most talked about these days, but many people are only vaguely familiar with what it actually is. Understanding the fundamentals of what this new breed of marketing is, how it works, and why it’s important to begin utilising it for your business is important.


Today, nearly every organisation can take advantage from using mobile marketing and advertising methods. Whether your business is brick-and-mortar, virtual, or both, you can utilise mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is a great way for a business to communicate and engage with your audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.

When talking about mobile devices, this refers to smart phones, tabs, wireless handheld devices portable net books and so forth. Generally, the focus for mobile marketing is on mobile phones.

One of the hottest, fastest growing trends in mobile marketing these days is geo-location marketing. It’s simple to get involved with, costs little to utilize, and has a user base that is growing exponentially. You can utilise geo-location feature when you want a user to do something when they’re in a certain area, visit a particular store, or scan a barcode or image.

Geo-location marketing is the integration of geographical intelligence into various aspects of marketing. All smartphones have GPS functionality, which means there’s a whole new world of location-based possibilities to tap into. Visit this link to learn more about the benefits of geo-location marketing:

How to Get Your Prospects to Know, Like, and Trust You

The sales conversion of a prospect to a client requires several interactions and building relationship of trust. When a prospect first meets you, the service provider that can solve their problem, they probably have questions and some scepticism.

Business News Perth

How to Get Your Prospects to Know, Like, and Trust You

Acquiring and keeping customers’ profitably is really the only way to make a small or home based business profitable. That means you have to give something of value to your customers and prospects. Otherwise, you simply won’t have any business.

Of course, people will only do business with other people they know, like and trust – your prospects need to know that you exist; they should like you enough to reach out to you for their work and more importantly gaining their trust. Building trust is extremely important. As a business owner, your main concern is how you help people develop trust in your product or service even if you have no relationship.

You need to show them what your company is all about, who you are and give them a brief look into your background. If you have a professional background with good credentials, let them know of your accomplishments.

If you want to know how you can get your prospects to know, like and trust you, you should read this interesting article from Huffington Post:

What to do if your commercial refrigeration in Perth is broken

Electronic appliances such as commercial fridges and freezers  are very important to a lot of businesses – those that are in the catering, food preparation and pharmaceutical industries, grocery stores and bars. They depend on these appliances to keep their inventories in their best state and to store their stocks in the right temperature so that they will stay fresh for a long time.

commercial refrigeration PerthHowever when something goes wrong to their appliances, not every business want to buy a new refrigerator. Fortunately, commercial refrigeration appliances can most of the time be repaired by repairs & maintenance for commercial and industrial refrigerators and it isn’t very costly. This gives a lot of advantage to the business owner since buying a new one can cost him a lot of money.

So if you need a small refrigeration repair in just a small broken part such broken shelf or handle, this issues are very easy to manage that even you as the business owner can fix this small problem. Nevertheless, if the issue involves the interior parts of the fridge or freezer, then you should contact your most trusted mechanic for commercial refrigeration in Perth. Let an expert handle the job because interior repair of your refs involves electrical and motor features that’s why it requires expertise and proper tools to use.

There are many commercial refrigeration mechanics in Perth who can provide you with repairs and maintenance services of your appliances. You can find them online, but be careful in picking up the most suitable repairman that will do the job for your appliances.


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Top-notch Fly Camp Communication Systems

Satellite communication is a top-notch self-contained communication system which as the ability to receive signals from the earth and retransmit those signals back using an integrated receiver and transmitter of Radio signals called transponder. These satellite communication systems are very useful in areas that are not connecting with mobile phone communication or where there is low coverage of mobile phone network.

Fly Camp Communications

Satellite communication systems cover large area and they are of high network quality. most of these communication system are used by people who are mobile and keep on moving from one location to another either for mining, exploration or construction of structures which mostly covers a large area depending on the purpose of the exercise.

Because of high network coverage, satellite communication is the best to be used by people who are based on fly camps. Satellite communication devices such as satellite phones are used to communicate with people who are in base camp either for assistance or rescue in case of emergencies. Check out Fly Camp Communications by Milpeak for more details.
Satellites phones come with advantage over other communication devices due to its large coverage; they can be used both locally and internationally since they are connected to globe network. During mining and exploration where many satellite phones are used, these phones are connecting to a telephone system in the isolated area with links to a telephone system in the base camp. Once connects these satellite phone will then be connected directly to a low-earth-orbit satellite which then forwards calls to a satellite teleport which are connected to a public switched telephone network.

Most of this satellite phones networks provide a one-way paging channels which alert the user of incoming call when in poor network coverage areas. When the alert is received on the satellite phone, it must be taken to a location with good network coverage before it is received. Some of the satellite communication systems that have these services are Globalstar which provides a one-way data up-link services used for asset tracking and Iridium which operates a one-way pager service as well as the call alert feature.

Satellite communication has developed from the experimental to the sophisticated and powerful mean of communication and with the quick advancement in technology future satellite communication will be one of the most powerful communication channels with more on-board processing capabilities and ability to handle more bandwidths. Future improvement will also see the life span of these systems rise to about 20-30 years compared to the current 10-15 years life span. Read more at


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How manual locks work

Nowadays, privacy can be very difficult as well as ensuring that your property is free from theft or burglary. However, locks have always been there to protect our possessions and our lives for so many years.

Locks are small but very effective when it comes to security. They can protect our belongings; they can be used safeguard even the smallest safes up to the biggest buildings.

Over the years, locks have evolved and become better through the years. They have become more durable, stronger, and more reliable. However, all manual locks have the same locking mechanism.

Do want to know how do they work? Check out the video below:

The Importance of Airport Parking Security in Perth

If you are planning to spend your holiday abroad and are leaving your car at the airport while you are away, the major thing that you need to consider is whether you can trust your parking provider to look after your vehicle properly or not.

security airport parking perth

The truth is; it doesn’t matter whether or not you have an expensive car. What is important is to ensure that it will be safe while you are away. Obviously, you need to look for airport parking services that offer the lowest price but security airport parking Perth must be the first thing to look for. Otherwise, you would always want to get rid of potential problems involved with car parking.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your airport parking provider has the ability to take care of your car from theft or any harm. Choose the one that has security measures such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems or security guards on duty. This way you will feel confident that your car is safe while you are enjoying your holiday.

There are many companies that offer airport parking services in Perth, Western Australia. However, security should also be your top concern if you want to use this service.


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Cheap Locksmiths in Perth

A lot of people believe that the better things in life come at a price. However when it comes to locksmith services, it should not be the case. Getting cheap Locksmith in Perth is not cheap in terms of his services; he is excellent in fixing broken locks and providing key services to his customers.

cheap locksmith in perth

There is no point in hiring a locksmith who charges very high service rate. Locksmith services are generally affordable, but the services offered by a reliable locksmith provider are amazing. When you think about the security and protection they provide to numerous homes and business buildings, the little amount you pay for the service charge is worth it. Compared to buying surveillance cams and other high-tech security devices, locksmith services are cheaper by far.

On the other hand, you need to think twice when someone offers you a locksmith service that is “too cheap”; this often looked upon with suspicion. In order to get a good and reliable locksmith, the best thing to do is to ask for licenses.

Cheap locksmiths, preferably called “affordable” locksmiths, are the best people to call when you want to enhance your residential or commercial property security. Obviously they are cost-efficient and the locks and keys they install normally last for long period of time hence you get long-term protection.


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Bathroom renovator Perth: How to update the design of your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in your house, not only by your family members but by your visitors as well. After time, your bathroom can start to look dull and lifeless. If it was built for how many years already, its design might also already out of date. When you feel that your bathroom already has these signs, then you should consider hiring a Bathroom renovator in Perth like Smart Style Bathrooms for your renovation.

Bathroom Renovators Perth

When you renovate your bathroom, you get a number of great advantages. A beautiful and modern-designed bathroom can dramatically increase your residential property’s market value while you are creating a comfy and relaxing environment for your family.

Bathroom renovation normally starts with your bathtub, shower, toilet, sink and other secondary fixtures of your bathroom. Adding these fixtures in your bathroom can create a distinct design, which will obviously depend upon your preferences.

Then, you can also add some additional bathroom fixtures such as floor tiles and cabinets. However, you need to make sure that your floor is not only attractive but it also should be durable. Meanwhile, mirrors are a central design element of a bathroom which gives elegance. They are also an excellent way to bring your personal design.

Bathroom renovation has become a major industry nowadays. Hence, there are a wide range of accessories and fixtures you can add to your style.


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