This is one of the best examples of small business content marketing you’ll see anywhere in the world

Content marketing for small businesses is an affordable way to market your product or service even without big budget. It also enables small organisations to compete against larger names in terms of reaching out to their existing and potential clients.

However, content is complex that you may compare it into a minefield. The reason being is that there is a lot of different terminology used; a host of things that can be included and it ultimately leaves the average entrepreneur and small business owner asking about the secrets of content marketing success for small businesses.

Most sole traders and Perth entrepreneurs who are already using content to market their brand believe that they still need some improvements. Remember that we are living in an information society where people are first and foremost looking for information around a service or product they are looking to purchase to help them make an informed decision. It also illustrates that we are aware of this and know that information marketing, small business content marketing and the like is an important aspect of our business to implement well.

Hence, we should realise that content marketing is more than just blogging. This can constitute a part of it but as a standalone activity it is (simply) blogging, or writing. Content marketing is broader and is made up of a series of components.

Check out this blog post to see an example of one of the best small business content marketing: