Top-notch Fly Camp Communication Systems

Satellite communication is a top-notch self-contained communication system which as the ability to receive signals from the earth and retransmit those signals back using an integrated receiver and transmitter of Radio signals called transponder. These satellite communication systems are very useful in areas that are not connecting with mobile phone communication or where there is low coverage of mobile phone network.

Fly Camp Communications

Satellite communication systems cover large area and they are of high network quality. most of these communication system are used by people who are mobile and keep on moving from one location to another either for mining, exploration or construction of structures which mostly covers a large area depending on the purpose of the exercise.

Because of high network coverage, satellite communication is the best to be used by people who are based on fly camps. Satellite communication devices such as satellite phones are used to communicate with people who are in base camp either for assistance or rescue in case of emergencies. Check out Fly Camp Communications by Milpeak for more details.
Satellites phones come with advantage over other communication devices due to its large coverage; they can be used both locally and internationally since they are connected to globe network. During mining and exploration where many satellite phones are used, these phones are connecting to a telephone system in the isolated area with links to a telephone system in the base camp. Once connects these satellite phone will then be connected directly to a low-earth-orbit satellite which then forwards calls to a satellite teleport which are connected to a public switched telephone network.

Most of this satellite phones networks provide a one-way paging channels which alert the user of incoming call when in poor network coverage areas. When the alert is received on the satellite phone, it must be taken to a location with good network coverage before it is received. Some of the satellite communication systems that have these services are Globalstar which provides a one-way data up-link services used for asset tracking and Iridium which operates a one-way pager service as well as the call alert feature.

Satellite communication has developed from the experimental to the sophisticated and powerful mean of communication and with the quick advancement in technology future satellite communication will be one of the most powerful communication channels with more on-board processing capabilities and ability to handle more bandwidths. Future improvement will also see the life span of these systems rise to about 20-30 years compared to the current 10-15 years life span. Read more at


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